About Us

Paramant.com is a trusted online retailer of Travel accessories for those who want to live a healthy and efficient life. We sell all sorts of Tea accessories during all times of the year. Our team does their best to pick and chose the most high quality of products to correspond with the correct season. Always be a lookout on huge discounts and potentially Free handouts to showcase support to our thousands of loyal customers that buy from us every year.
Our Products are high quality and chosen to preform the best when it comes to selection. We serve a variety amount of accessories to make your experience with every product enjoyable. Our team does there best to give evident descriptions of each product to ensure that the customer is clear with what he/she is purchasing. We offer a full exchange and refund when necessary and you may do so by visiting the Refund Policy Page.
With our Worldwide Trusted Free Shipping makes makes our customer feel satisfied no matter where the location. We expect fast shipping from all our orders and to be delivered on time or sooner. We spend much of our time making sure all our customers are happy with their purchase of products from out site and expect them to visit back if there needs are yet to be fulfilled. We offer a simple return Policy forum that allows the customer to send back or exchange their previous bought product without the need of a painful possess. 
Being unique is what we stand for and we believe all our products achieve those standards.